( Open mining - Crack formations )

"Dagbrott" was composed in 1983 while Enström was engaged as a composer by Rikskonserter ( The National Institute for Concerts ). In "Dagbrott" he has developed and refined his craft. Rolf Enström has written the following about his work:
"In "Dagbrott" I have further developed a technique with which I worked to a certain degree in "Final Curses" ( Slutförbannelser ). The procedure is a kind of scrape- technique ( in the visual arts context ) in which several layers are simultaniously present, but where certain ones are revealed while others remain invisible ( unheard ) .
Individual layers are "scraped up" rapidly and depending both upon the original material and the algorithm or pattern which controls the choice of layers I have attained a highly variable and dense web of events."
Without further ado the listener is thrown straight into a violent sonic eruption. By and by a single sakuhachi flute makes itself heard; its soft tones stand in stark contrast to the threatening voilence of the eruption. A singular dialogue occurs between the flute and the electronic sounds, a conversation in which the responses become increasingly sporadic only to dissolve into silence.

Thomas Hellsing