Click on the blueish text to download a pdf-file ( PDF = Portable Document Format, works with Mac, PC etc. ) . Save the file on your harddisk under the name that is suggested to you. This file will open with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Normally, your browser and your OS is capable of detecting what reader is best to use in each case but if not, use Acrobat Reader in this case. If you already have the Acrobat Reader installed on your system it will automatically open the document so you are able to print it out.

When in Acrobat reader and you are ready to print out:

The programnotes are in A5 format but you setup your printer to print A4 i.e. you first print page#1 and then you reuse that printed page in the printer so that page#2 comes on the backside of page#1. By doing this you get two copies of the programnote.

Where to get Adobe Acrobat Reader for your platform?