"Strange" was composed in 1997. It is as the other pieces in this cycle meant to be played simultaniously. The cycle of compositions consists of: Directions - Spin - Charm - Strange.

The material this time is very much the same as in "Directions" but regenerated with the aid of a synthtesizer "Nordlead" which has the same kind of "warmth" ( or lack of warmth ) as the good old Buchla synthesizer and the digital studio at EMS in Stockholm. This material has undergone the same kind of processing as the material in the related compositions.

The repetition and the circular form brings forward a sense of musical "meaning" in a traditional way, which makes a contrast to the immanent "meaning" that goes with the piece in a wider sense. Strange was premièred at the electro acoustic music festival in Skinnskatteberg May 30 1998.